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Professional Cooking Courses

The Castel di Pietra Cooking Academy was born from the idea of creating a structure where to unite the tradition of typical Italian cuisine and contemporaneity, all united with a precise will: that of making known the typical product sand the excellences of the National territory, thus was born a new way of approaching training fueled by the continuous contact with the professional realities and associations of the catering sector.

Theacademy is located in the Palazzo Ducale of the Montalto di Tocco family, the Norman-Swabian era structure I slocated in the wonderful medieval historic center.

Our courses are structured both for an audience of non-expert enthusiasts and for industry professionals.

Short cooking courses

Short courses ranging in duration from 8 to 24 hours aimed at a target audience of non-expert food enthusiasts, combining theoretical notions about raw materials and practical skills.

These courses have an extremely practical slant, based on listening, direct observation of the chef's movements and reproduction at the moment of the dishes, and will be dedicated to typical elements of Italian cuisine and culinary culture, such as flours, first courses, sauces, pizzas and focaccias...

Courses for professionals

Structured courses with a more specific and professional training offer aimed at a target consisting of experts, chefs, hotel institute graduates, restaurant owners, etc.

Training courses in the Food sector will be taught by masters of Italian cuisine and will aim to teach the most advanced techniques in the catering sector, as well as to provide in-depth knowledge of raw materials and Italian food and wine culture, along with an awareness of the traditions that animate Made in Italy in the kitchen.

Stage in Italy

Stage in Italy is a service for foreign student chefs. During the stage, the students will have the opportunity to visit agri-food companies, acquiring operational awareness with respect to the products, their intrinsic quality parameters, and their production and processing methods, leaving them to experience them in a non-simulated context. A valuable experience for the students (students or young professionals) and for Apuliancompanies, which will be able to establish direct and privileged relationships with the students and teachers/tutor will be purely practical in nature with guided visits to production companies and full-time days in the kitchen at the "Castel di Pietra" School in Pietramontecorvino(Foggia).